"Sometimes you meet someone, and it’s so clear that the two of you, on some level, belong together. As lovers, or as friends, or as family, or as something entirely different. You just work, whether you understand one another or you’re in love or you’re partners in crime. You meet these people throughout your life, out of nowhere, under the strangest circumstances, and they help you feel alive. I don’t know if that makes me believe in coincidence, or fate, or sheer blind luck, but it definitely makes me believe in something.”

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signs of attraction | facial expressions and smiles

The smile is one of the greatest sign that he or she likes you. It means that he or she is truly interested, comfortable, and enjoying your presence.

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Oliver Queen + the way he looks at her

I see the way you look at him.”
but let’s talk about the way he looks at her.

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Does everyone really think that Felicity and I are…?

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Teen Wolf + TVTropes

Karma Houdini: The character has done a number of things that deserve a karmic comeuppance, most importantly things that caused harm to the innocent. But when the time comes for the hammer to fall, that’s not what happens. At least, not on him. He doesn’t get what he deserves.

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nikitameme - [6/9] heartbreaking moments ⇢ Alex tries to kill herself

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I really like it when celebrities put magazine covers they’ve been on as their photos on twitter. Idk why. I just think it’s really cool.

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Herieth Noela at the fitting for Zac Posen fall 2014 rtw 

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Jane Austen Quick Link Collection





Based on the novels:

About Jane Austen:

Please enjoy! I tried to find the best quality streaming link for the newest movie of each book. I understand that ‘new’ does not mean ‘good’ but there are far too many movies of each book to find. I hope you all enjoy your trip into the world of Jane Austen!

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sweet theme, bro.