H o w  can you be a  v a m p i r e ?
H o w  can you be a  w e r e w o l f ?

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Hanna: There is no me and Travis! Not when you’re back here.

Me: *dies from feels*

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"Think about it, they’re driving, Malia starts to change, she goes out of control, the Mom crashes and everybody dies." "Except for Malia." "She blames herself, goes off running through the woods and eventually becomes trapped inside the body of a coyote."

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colour meme:
anonymous requested: elena + autumn colours

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There are gods, she told herself, and there are true knights too. All the stories can’t be lies.

Sansa Stark Meme - 9/9 quotes

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Season 1: Derek lost his family. Found his dead sister’s half body.

Season 2: Lets make Derek an Alpha but wait a bad one!

Season 3: Lets kill off Derek’s pack! Everybody blames him. Oh and he lost his alpha power too HAHA

Season 4: You know what? No more werewolf power for you, Derek cause your life suck and all. We think you’re better off being human.


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The world stands with Palestine.

Solidarity all over the world.

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sweet theme, bro.