↳ Forwood “Let her go” by Passenger requested by cavanaugh-hutcherson

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→Rest in Peace Hillary Cole.


Right now, I can give 0% fucks about all the hate she’s receiving. We might have only gotten so little insight into her true self, but that was enough for me. That small mention of her family? How they all died, and how she gained a passion to help others ever since? That look of pain on her face,…

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I’ve never really liked Moira but she did not deserve that.

That was not okay.

April 23, 2014

Arrow Meme | Five Quotes → [3/5]

- How many people know who you are ?
- Too many. But these are the only two that matter.

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And just when I thought it was over. That he couldn’t destroy anything else, or do anything worse…

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nine photographs portraying quotes said to sexual assault survivors by police officers, attorneys, and other authority figures

more info about project unbreakable here

original tumblr here

previously: nine photographs portraying quotes said to sexual assault survivors by their friends/family

This is heartbreaking

this infuriates me.

fucking disgusting 

Why do you think we don’t tell anyone?

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Sorry for the really long post, I wanted to make sure I could get as much as I could in there. I saw these lovely posts and saw they all used to the same sites I do. So I combined theres, with some of mine that I love to use. I also added food, in here because I know I’m lazy so I thought you guys might appreciate it.

Converting websites:

Daily Use:

Fashion, makeup, hair:

Food in under 10 minutes:

Helpful for school (lots of writing tips):

Helpful websites:

How To: 

Life Tips:





Tumblr help:

When you are bored:

When you are sad: 


Hope these help you guys through out the year. Have a great year. :)

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sweet theme, bro.